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Create beautiful Xinyuan - 2018 office decoration evaluation activities.

In the New Year, to promote the corporate culture cotruction, create a warm, comfortable and unique office environment, and further enhance the corporate culture environment,Tao treats the employees sentiment and tur the company into a warm "hom

New Year message - fun games opening speech

Dear colleagues: Everybody is good! Today, we are gathered here again to hold the annual fun games of our new yuan. I have also seen the preparatio for the fun in the last few days. I have also felt some emotion in my happiness, which mea that th

Gree Xinyuan 2017 fire emergency evacuation drill

In order to enhance the fire safety awareness, fire safety quality, safety precaution and self-help capability of all employees in our company, so as to improve the ability of all employees to resist fires and deal with emergencies.

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