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Zhuhai Gree Xinyuan Electronic Co.,Ltd hold the production safety meeting in 2017

At 6:30 pm on June 6, 2017, Our Companys Security Committee organized meeting on the start of the safety production month. The theme of the meeting was to fully implement the respoibility of the enterprises main production safety. Participate in the

Zhuhai Gree Xinyuan Electronic company the second children day thanksgiving parents-parent activities

Approaching in the June 1 childre day, Gree Xinyuan Union organizatio to carry out "the June 1 childre day" activities, invite employees to take children to the company take part in the parent-child activities on Thanksgiving parents. Th

Gree Xinyuan - go all out to fight the production season battle!

Zhuhai Gree Xinyuan Electronis Co.,Ltd.has been at a high level of production capacity since the beginning of this year, and the units have been working hard to excavate capacity and produce at full capacity. Headquarte production planning began on A

Zhuhai Gree XinYuan ELectronic CO.,LTD in 2017 poetry recitation and 2016 annual evaluation of the first prize awards activities

On April 1, 2017, at 8:30 am, Gree won the "2017 poetry recitation and 2016 annual evaluation of the fit prize awards activities", the event full participation, the scene is full of deep atmosphere of the event. Fit, the various depar

Zhuhai Gree XinYuan Arbor Day Activity On Marth 12

In order to beautify the company environment, enhance the cociousness of employees to create green company, promote the communication between the employees, alleviate the pressure of work, realize the mix, strengthen team cohesion, arouse the enthusi

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