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Busy season production activity in 2017 June, July summary

At 12:00 on August 12, 2017, by the company leader Yuan ,leader Ai and the department \ branch manager, grass-roots team leader, maintenance director in the companys large training room organized 2017 season season production activities 6,7 Month pr

Zhuhai Gree Xinyuan salute to high temperature holders

Recently, the hot weather continued to attack, busy in front of the staff as living in the "barbecue mode" among the clothes wet, sweat, heat hard to block! In order to ipire employees not afraid of hardships, hard work, and guide staff to

Zhuhai Gree Xinyuan Electronic Co.,Ltd celebrating the 96 anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China

In July 1921, the communist party of China was formally established. In the 96th anniveary of the establishment, in memory of the partys birthday and to further strengthen the gree s party branch and the party member troop cotruction, actively create

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