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"Challenge themselves, control the future" 2016 annual cadre conference spirit

15:00 on Monday, January 9, 2016 afternoon, gree s big training room in the company to "challenge themselves and control the future" 2016 annual cadre conference spirit, a total of 90 people attended the meeting, the agenda point into five

2016 interest games

In order to make the staff in this busy production season can have rich amateur life, promote the communication and exchange between each department staff, on the afternoon of December 31, 2016, the day before New Year of the winter wind gifts, speci

The 6th zhuhai gree group fun games ’s xinyuan style

For the gree group worker amateur rich cultural life, promoting amateur cultural life exteively developed, and enhance cohesion. Zhuhai gree group, the union on November 26th morning in zhuhai in 2016, li jing club held the sixth "fun games"

The eighth greexinyuan"union cup"basketball game ended

For the staff of rich entertainment life, give full play to the staff team cooperation spirit, enhance the enterprise cohesive force between the staff and pride, our company on September 2 solstice on October 27, gree s $s $" union cup "bas

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