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Zhuhai Gree XinYuan Arbor Day Activity On Marth 12

In order to beautify the company environment, enhance the cociousness of employees to create green company, promote the communication between the employees, alleviate the pressure of work, realize the mix, strengthen team cohesion, arouse the enthusi

GREE Singapore held a groundbreaking ceremony

February 4, 2017 (the 8th day of the fit month of the Chinese lunar calendar) morning 8:20 GREE Xinyuan staff in the company set Front Gate square, facing the national flag rising East lined up ready. The host invited the leadehip of the company anno

"Challenge themselves, control the future" 2016 annual cadre conference spirit

15:00 on Monday, January 9, 2016 afternoon, gree s big training room in the company to "challenge themselves and control the future" 2016 annual cadre conference spirit, a total of 90 people attended the meeting, the agenda point into five

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