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Zhuhai Gree Xinyuan Electronics Co., Ltd.

  • ADD: NO.8, East Longshan 2 Road, Longshan Industrial Park, Doumen Distrct, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China
  • Tel:(86)0756-5789888
  • Fax :(86) 0756-5789800
  • Zip code: 519060
  • Bus Route:
  • Xipu: Take the 308 Bus to Jing 'an,and turn to the No. 415 to get off at the “Yi Xin Yuan” station.
  • Qianwu: Take Bus No.502 at Qianwu South to Jing 'an, and transfer to No.415 to “Yi Xin Yuan” to get off.
  • Xiangzhou Station or Nanping Street: Take the 609 Bus or K4 Bus to the "Artisan Home" station, and then change to the No. 410 to “Yi Xin Yuan” to get off.
  • Zhuhai Human Resource Center: Take Bus K4 at Ercheng Square to “Artisan Home”, and transfer to the No. 410 to “Yi Xin Yuan” to get off.
  • Jing 'an: Take Bus 415 or 410 to “Yi Xin Yuan” to get off. Or take No. 609/402/K4 Bus to “Artisan Home”, and change to the No. 410 to “Yi Xin Yuan” to get off.
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Location of GREE Zhuhai Xinyuan Electronics Co., Ltd.

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National Sales Tel:

South China—Manager He: 18578258813, Manager Dong:18578259478

Central China—Manger Cai: 18578270507

East China—Manager Li: 18968285213

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