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1.Enjoy five social insurance according to National Standards,including basic pension, unemployment, industrial injury, birth and medical care. The company provides housing subsidies, housing fund, paid annual leave, high temperature allowance, transportation subsidies, etc;
2.The company has Annual bonus, Scientific and technological progress award, Scientific and technical expert award, Management innovation award, Rationalization proposal award, Selection of advanced employee, Gold staff and many other awards;
3.Gree is a key training enterprise in zhuhai, and those with outstanding employees can apply for the high-level talent incentive award and the young outstanding talent incentive award provided by Zhuhai municipal government;
4.Salary: Implement according to the salary plan ofcompany, graduates who have signed contracts with the company can come to the company for internships (enjoy internship salary) before graduation.
5.The company provide comprehensive training for employees, including basic training, job training,development skills, technology, and offer opportunities for them to work and study aboard. The company has a unique "college student training program" to provide short, medium and long - term comprehensive training support for fresh graduates.
6.Working place: Zhuhai,Guangdong. The company can solve the problems like household of Zhuhai ,free custody of personnel files, and reception of Party organizations for qualified graduates of all full-time bachelor programmes.
7.The company provides free transportation service for employees.
8.The company has staff dormitories (Modern collective apartment integrated with digital TV, fridge, water heater, air conditioning, furniture etc and trasition rooms for married employees.With canteen and food subsidies.
9. The company provides many free work clothes (tailored) for employees;
10. The company regularly organizes employees to participate in free health examination;
11.The company regularly organizes various recreational and sports activities, such as basketball, football, badminton, table tennis, tug-of-war and singing, as well as group activities such as traveling, dining and parties. At the same time, employees can also join sports and sports associations, improvement associations, learning associations, publicity associations and staff care associations according to their personal interests.
  • Address: No. 8, East 2nd Longshan Road, Longshan Industrial Zone, Doumen district, Zhuhai, Guangdong.
  • Company type: Limited Liability Company (State-owned holding)
  • Contact phone: 0756 - 5789812, 5789809
  • Contact: Mr Wang
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  • Fax :0756-578980
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