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Linking with the Greater Bay Area and sharing new opportunities
Edit: XINYUAN ELECTRONIC Release time : 2019-12-28
On December 26, 2019, hosted by the Guangdong Charging Facilities Association and hosted by Zhuhai Gree Xinyuan Electronics Co., Ltd., the Greater Bay Area Interconnected Smart Travel Conference and the Guangdong Charging Facilities Industry Annual Member Conference Was successfully held in Zhuhai Gree Xinyuan Electronics Co., Ltd., the leaders and elites in the industry gathered together, united their hearts and seek common development.

The holding of this annual meeting is intended to thoroughly implement the "State Council's Guiding Opinions on Deepening the Pan-Pearl River Delta Regional Cooperation", give full play to the role of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau and the Greater Bay Area as a radiation leader, pragmatically promote industrial innovation and development, and strengthen the Exchanges and cooperation to promote the steady development of the industry.

At the beginning of the meeting, Li Lizhen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and honorary chairman of the Guangdong Charging Facilities Association, gave an opening speech to the event, extended a warm welcome to all the guests present, and focused on the industry's informationization, networking, digitalization, and automation. In order to meet the requirements, I hope that members will cooperate with each other to continue to make the industry bigger and stronger.

I believe that with the solidarity and cooperation of members, the industry next year will get better and better!

Next, Wen Hui, president assistant of Gree Electric, came to the stage to give a welcome speech. He said that Gree Electric has always adhered to the mission of “advancing the spirit of industry and pursuing perfect quality”. Under the leadership of Chairman Dong Mingzhu, while expanding and strengthening the main industry of home appliances, Actively expand industries such as industrial products, equipment molds, and basic materials.

At present, Gree Electric has a total of 8 companies in the industrial field. In recent years, these companies have actively deployed the industrial chain in the field of new energy, relying on Gree Electric's basic research for more than 20 years, and have rapidly enriched the new energy vehicle-related industrial chain. Corresponding industrial layouts have been completed in the main drive motor and control system industry chain, thermal management system industry chain and supporting parts industry chain.

In the future, Gree hopes that with the entrepreneurs present, it will focus on the new energy vehicle industry, focus on physical manufacturing, and win-win cooperation, and jointly contribute to the healthy development of China's new energy vehicle industry.

Next, Yuan Weigang, general manager of Zhuhai Gree Xinyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. took the stage to give a welcome speech. As the host of this meeting, Yuan Weigang extended a warm welcome to everyone on behalf of Xinyuan Electronics. Xinyuan Electronics has always taken the promotion of China's industrial base as its responsibility and is committed to breaking foreign technology monopolies.

Xinyuan Electronics, as the only capacitor company among the top ten companies in the electronic component industry, has made intensive cultivation in the electronic component industry and has made great progress in 31 years. Looking to the future, Xinyuan Electronics will continue to rely on the Gree platform to provide supporting services for the charging facility industry and bring greater value to the industry.

At the conference, Ma Yixun, Chief Engineer of Xinyuan Electronics, introduced its innovative products and management innovation experience.

It mainly introduced innovative products such as Xinyuan charging piles and aluminum electrolytic capacitors for new energy vehicles. As a member of the association, Xinyuan Electronics actively responded to the national call for green development and focused on the development of new energy supporting products such as charging piles. The research and independent innovation of the core basic technology of the charging facility industry will continue to actively promote the construction and development of the domestic charging facility industry with members of the association in the future.

The leader of Gree Electric Industrial Product Management Department, Xu Yong, introduced Gree Industrial Products, the high-end core of Gree, through three major parts: "Gree Industrial Products Development Road", "Gree Mastering Industrial Core Technology" and "Gree Charging Pile Core Components". Marketing platform for parts.

Gree has insisted on independent innovation for many years, and has now developed into a diversified, technology-based global industrial group, with core components and high-end equipment such as independent research and development and production. Gree Industrial Products Management Department, as a marketing platform for Gree's high-end core components, is committed to providing customers with one-stop services from parts to system solutions.

The ceremony also held an award ceremony at the same time, and awarded certificates and membership plaques for the top ten demonstration enterprises in Guangdong's charging facilities industry in 2019, the head of the newly elected association in 2019, and the newly joined enterprises in the second half of 2019. The holding of the award ceremony laid a foundation for promoting the technological innovation of the charging facility industry and the smooth and rapid development of the industry.

At this point, the ceremony officially came to a successful conclusion. The meeting enhanced everyone's understanding of the current status and future of the charging facility industry, promoted the interactive exchanges among all parties in the industry, and expanded the application of new energy charging pile technology and its excellent configuration products and solutions. Promotion and application will inevitably have a profound impact on promoting the construction of outstanding enterprises in the industry and corporate reform and innovation.

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