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Typhoon "Hygos" is very strong, but Xinyuan people are very warm!
Edit: XINYUAN ELECTRONIC Release time : 2020-08-20
On August 19, Zhuhai faced a severe test-the "Hygoss" frontal attack. The double ruthless invasion of typhoon and heavy rain washed the city. All employees of Xinyuan Electronics worked together and used steel-like will and firmness. Responsibility protects our company.

Regarding the traces left by the typhoon, General Manager Yuan Weigang paid great attention to it and rushed back to the company to inspect the situation of the company after the disaster, and urgently convened various department leaders, middle-level officials, party members, 2020 college students and front-line employees to carry out a "post-disaster rescue work" meeting .

General Manager Yuan Weigang deployed the post-disaster recovery tasks to achieve rapid resumption of work and production! It is worth mentioning that all the people present have actively returned to the company to actively participate in support.

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