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Dai Junhui, Sing Military Songs, and Praise Military Soul
Edit: XINYUAN ELECTRONIC Release time : 2021-01-12
According to Gree Electric’s “Notice on Organizing and Launching the Theme Activities of “Dai Junhui, Sing Military Songs, Praise the Soul of the Army”, Xinyuan Electronics organized the company’s existing 15 employees in the company’s training room at 8:30 on January 11, 2021 Veterans carried out the activities of "wearing military emblems, singing military songs, and praising military spirits". Ai Yikai, chairman of the company's labor union, and Yang Huanhuan, vice chairman of the labor union, attended the ceremony of wearing the military emblem.

The chairman of the labor union Ai Yikai said: The organization of the theme activity of "Dai Junhui, Sing Military Songs, and Praise the Soul of the Army" shows that the company attaches great importance to the veterans. In the early stage, a special quality education department was established to be responsible for the quality education of employees.

We must remind us not to forget our original aspirations, keep our mission in mind, continue to carry forward the spirit of our soldiers in our work and life, and inculcate the military's fine style and traditions from the high-level to the middle-level to the basic level. Therefore, the 15 veterans here today are grassroots representatives, and each representative conveys to the grassroots the spirit of "veterans will never fade" in their work.

During the epidemic this year, both the society and the company saw many things that moved us, and they were reflected in some of the work of our country's grassroots. We have always emphasized grasping the grassroots, laying the foundation, and practicing basic skills hard. What is the foundation of the grassroots level?

The important thing is people's mind. To manage the people's mind is to improve the cohesion of our grassroots. As long as the cohesion is done well, we will be able to overcome all difficulties. Today we are here to carry out the theme activity of "wearing military emblems, singing military songs, and praising the military soul" is not a simple ceremony, but an action that wants us to penetrate our bones and our hearts.

Issuing and wearing military emblems is a symbol of honor and always reminds oneself to put the quality and spirit of soldiers into daily work.

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